Foundation of the project as an idea

The idea came to mind spontaneously. Given the desire to create something beautiful and interesting, it was decided to unite like-minded people on this topic. At the same time, the start of the development of site building has been taken in the site builder uKit. And accordingly became the official freelancer in uKit

Development of the project in the framework of uKit. Expansion of the list of services

Develop with the uKit team. Expansion of work boundaries: Russia, CIS, Europe, America, Canada, Asia, countries of the East. New services: logo design, development of corporate identity and its individual elements

Obtaining the formal status of the web studio GA-artgroup

Continuing development with the uKit team, there is a smooth transition to Divly. Going beyond the stock exchange and getting interesting customers. Expansion of advertising and marketing materials development services.

The official opening of a branch in Bulgaria

Registration of a company EOOD (LTD) in Bulgaria for work with corporate clients