Creating logos and corporate identity

Corporate identity

Creating a corporate identity from the base Logo + business cards, to a complete set, which includes branded souvenirs, uniforms, promotional materials


Creating a logo for any budget, ranging from a simple text solution to a hand-drawn logo, followed by digitization

Elements of corporate identity

The most common element of corporate identity - a business card

Rendering / Redrawing / Restoring Logo, Brand Name

Do you have an image of your logo, oh no source in vector or raster form? We will draw the image in the shortest possible time for reasonable money.

Cheap logo

Font combined with ready-made graphic elements

$60 - $100 

standart logo

Font logos with hand-drawn vector graphics.

$100 - $165

Premium logo

Logos with graphic elements that can work independently without font support
from $165

Elements of corporate identity

Banners, business cards, icons,
raster graphics, vector graphics.


from $20 
○ One-sided business cards

○ Double-sided business cards
○ Vertical business cards


$25 - $100
○ Advertising banner
○ Presswall
○ Rollup
○ etc


$50 -$100
○ Websites icons

○ Graphic icons

Price depends on quantity and complexity.

Other graphics

from $25
○ Graphics for groups in socials 
○ Website element graphics
○ Others

Corporate identity

To order the calculation of the cost of corporate identity fill out the application form.
If you have requirements in text format, you can attach it to the letter.