Website Design, Landing, e-commerce turnkey

Mobile friendly

When creating a site, a mobile version is automatically generated for all devices (it is possible to refine the mobile view)

User friendly

Drag'n'drop CMSuKit designer is very easy to manage, which will allow you to manage your site yourself.

Price friendly

from $200 - Creating a full-fledged website with the launch (taking into account the installation of various script improvements and style changes)

Hosting price friendly

The cost of hosting just $ 4 per month!
Website, Landing-page
Website, Landing-page

Subscription fee after development:
from $ 4 / month if paid for a year

Mobile version of the siteImages with free stock photoDevelopment up to 10-14 days (if all materials are available)

from $200


Subscription fee after development:
$9.6/месяц при оплате на год 

50 - 100 goods

Shopping cart

e-mail notificatiions

Online payments (PayPal)

from $300


Finalization of the site on uKit

Already created a site on uKit, but you do not like it? No problem! We will refine the site, improve its appearance and attractiveness in 10 days.


Migrating site from WIX platform to uKit
Migrating site from the Megagroup platform to uKit
Migrating site from SitePro platform to uKit
Migrating site from WordPress platform to uKit


Need a logo, special icons and more? We do all the work associated with graphics.